Frequently Asked Motorized Pergola Questions

The louvered roof pergola is made of high-tech aluminum panels for all weather protection that open and close, and as it does, it provides a weather-tight seal. With the touch of a button, louvers go from fully open to fully shut for the ultimate shade/cover solution. The louvered roof system is motorized and opens and closes accordingly to rain, wind, heavy snow, and even frost, thanks to high-tech sensors designed for harsh weather conditions. The louvered pergola adapts to all outdoor spaces and suits all styles of homes, whether classic, modern, or contemporary, and is the most durable louvered roof system on the market for outdoor living. It provides a unique space to enjoy your outdoor space while remaining protected from the elements. Rain or shine, hot or cold, our stylish louvered roof pergola makes any outdoor space a year-round outdoor living area that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

  1. The louvered roof pergolas come as small as 10×10, and can be created as big as our customers need, as the louvered roof system is completely customizable. The louvered pergolas come with a louvered roof and flexible options for the walls or partitions, and can be left open or arranged with fixed louvered panels, sliding louvered panels, plain walls, or screens. Custom colors and virtually any material and finish can be applied to the louver system frame to achieve your desired look and feel. The louvered pergola offers an outdoor living structure with neat design, combined with exceptional quality and unequalled expertise.

Yes, motorized retractable screens can be added to the louvered roof pergola. We use our screens, and electrical is integrated into the louvered pergola. The motorized technology allows you to enjoy the heat and light in the winter, and protects against the sun’s rays in the summer. With the touch of a button, louvered pergolas can go from fully open to fully shut to allow just the right amount of shade and comfort desired. An adjustable patio cover is an easy way to give friends, family, and yourself a completely customizable outdoor living space. Since our louvered roof systems are manufactured from aluminum, they offer greater durability than traditional plastic or fabric patio covers and are made to last.

Yes, we work with your landscape company of choice and we can integrate our louvered pergola into the plans of your landscape designer. We can even install at a time that works best for their plan. These louvered roof systems are the first choice among leading architects, designers, and engineers, and take hospitality and outdoor living experiences to a whole new level. We make relationships a number one priority by providing timely, attentive, upbeat service and by making sure they have all the tools and knowledge needed to better serve their customers.

There are many additional features to the louvered pergolas, including multiple colors and finishes, different layouts and configurations to fit your need, and the integration of accessories to make your outdoor living experience complete. The louvered roof system comes in five standard colors and can be crafted to fit a wide variety of outdoor spaces. Whether you are wanting a freestanding system or a wall attached cover to extend and enhance your outdoor space, we have what you are looking for. Another feature for the louvered roof system is the capability to control your outdoor space with a keypad, voice control, or mobile device to easily open and close it. Other accessories include a wide variety of lighting options to ensure you can enjoy outdoor living in the evening hours, fans/heaters to control airflow and temperature, and screens that can open and close and provide additional shade and privacy.

Our motorized pergolas come with a industry best warranty and have many features that are not found on any other manufactures pergola. In short, ours are built to last, with the highest quality materials. Our pergola price starts at $125 sq ft. 

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