Motorized Louvered Pergolas in Vero Beach

Custom built aluminum pergolas that open & close to provide you the perfect outdoor space.

Built for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Are you looking for a high-quality motorized louvered pergola in Vero Beach, FL? If you’re looking for an extension of your indoor space or a cover from the sun, Zinga’s Pergolas  are exactly what you are looking for. We offer pergolas to cover outdoor grills, eating areas, patios, pools, and more!

We offer both residential and commercial motorized pergolas and with features and design that are not replicated by other manufacturers.

We look forward to earning your business by providing a free in-home consultation to build out the backyard of your dreams. 

First, let’s explore the many motorized pergola and motorized screen options that we offer for residential and commercial use in Fort Myers. 

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Motorized Louvered Pergola Work in Vero Beach

The Weather on Your Terms

Motorized louvers create a water tight roof so you can enjoy your space rain or shine.

Stress Free Process

No Pressure In-Home Consultation

We meet with you in your backyard to determine your specific needs and how to utilize your space the best.

Free digital REndering

Shortly after your consultation we provide a digital rendering so you can see exactly what your pergola will look like in your space!

Custom Fabricated

Pergola's are typically custom created for you in as little as 4-5 weeks!


Our team installs your pergola in 1-3 days! Leaving you with the perfect space in your backyard.

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Custom Fabricated For Your Space

You give us the space and we will design the perfect pergola for you.  

Endless Options

  • Integrated Lighting 
  • Fan Mounts for Warm Days
  • Heating for Cold Nights

Define Your Look

Not every house looks alike, which is why we have designed a number of customizable architectural elements—like corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases—that allow you to create a pergola that will integrate seamlessly with the look of your home.

Custom Colors

Choose both your post and louver colors to match your outdoor decor.


Choose look of posts, corners corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases

Integrated Lighting

LED Lighting built seamlessly into the design.

Fan Ready

Mount your own fan to keep cool on hot summer days

Information about Louvered Pergolas in Vero Beach

Zinga’s Pergolas, a highly distinguished pergola contractor based in Vero Beach, FL, takes pride in its flagship offering – Custom Motorized Louvered Pergolas. This innovative product is designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of any outdoor space while offering unparalleled functionality and flexibility. With the touch of a button, customers can adjust the motorized louvers to control sunlight exposure, ventilation, and shelter from unpredictable weather, transforming their outdoor living spaces into comfortable, year-round havens. Zinga’s commitment to reliability and customization ensures that each pergola is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients, backed by an experienced, all-employee staff dedicated to providing exceptional service and support throughout the construction process and beyond. This offering represents the pinnacle of outdoor comfort and luxury, embodying Zinga’s core values and solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Elevate Your Vero Beach, FL Outdoor Living with Zinga’s Reliable Custom Motorized Louvered Pergolas


At Zinga’s, we understand how the right outdoor space can transform your home. That’s why we’re proud to offer our reliable custom motorized louvered pergolas to the Vero Beach community. With over 25,000 satisfied customers under our belt, we’ve perfected the art of blending functionality with style. Our pergolas are more than just a backyard addition; they’re a lifestyle upgrade, designed to provide you with the ultimate control over your outdoor comfort.

We’ve seen firsthand how our custom motorized louvered pergolas can turn any outdoor area into a year-round haven. Whether you’re looking to host a sunny brunch without the worry of a sudden rain, or you want to enjoy the stars without the chill of the night air, we’ve got you covered—literally. Our team at Zinga’s is committed to delivering not just a product, but a solution that fits your unique lifestyle and preferences. Trust us to bring your outdoor living dream to life, with the reliability and quality you deserve.

Climate Control Flexibility with Custom Motorized Louvered Pergolas

When we talk about our outdoor spaces, we’re not just looking for beauty; we’re after functionality that meshes seamlessly with our lifestyle. That’s where custom motorized louvered pergolas come into play, especially when it comes to climate control flexibility. Imagine being able to adjust the ambiance of your outdoor area with just the touch of a button. As the sun arcs across the sky, we can tilt the louvers to provide the perfect amount of light, shade, and ventilation. It’s about creating an outdoor space that’s comfortable at any hour, under any weather condition.

We’ve all experienced those blisteringly hot days when the sun feels like it’s in a personal vendetta against comfort. With custom motorized louvered pergolas, we can combat the heat by angling the louvers to provide maximum shade, reducing the temperature underneath by several degrees. It’s not just about beating the heat; when cooler evenings roll around, we can open the louvers to gaze at the stars or allow for that gentle evening breeze to waft through, enhancing our outdoor experience.

But it’s not just about daily comfort. These pergolas offer a year-round solution. During unpredictable weather, we can close the louvers completely, turning our outdoor space into a sheltered haven, safe from rain or snow. This level of climate control flexibility means our outdoor gatherings don’t have to be at the mercy of the weather forecast. Instead, we’re equipped with the tools to create an inviting atmosphere, come rain or shine, ensuring our outdoor spaces are not just visually stunning but are also a bastion of comfort and adaptability.

Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Experience with Custom Motorized Louvered Pergolas

At Zinga’s Pergolas, we’re passionate about transforming your outdoor spaces into luxurious extensions of your home. Our custom motorized louvered pergolas stand at the heart of our mission, offering not just shade and shelter but a dynamic outdoor living experience that adapts to your needs and the whims of the weather. With the touch of a button, you can control the amount of sunlight bathing your patio or garden, ensuring comfort and enjoyment regardless of the conditions outside.

We’re proud to say that our talented team, consisting entirely of our dedicated employees, crafts each pergola with meticulous care and precision. This means when we embark on a project, we’re bringing a level of attention and expertise that’s hard to find elsewhere. By choosing motorized louvered pergolas, you’re not just getting a versatile outdoor feature; you’re investing in a durable, stylish solution that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your property. Let us help you create a space that’s not only beautiful but also uniquely yours, right here in Vero Beach, FL.

Why Choose Custom Motorized Louvered Pergolas for Your Outdoor Space?

At Zinga’s Pergolas in Vero Beach, FL, we understand the unique challenges and desires homeowners face when optimizing their outdoor spaces. That’s why we’ve tailored our services to not just meet, but exceed expectations with our custom motorized louvered pergolas. These aren’t just any pergolas; they’re a testament to our commitment to quality, functionality, and personalization.

Our custom motorized louvered pergolas are the epitome of convenience and versatility. We’ve made sure they’re equipped with roofs that open and close to form a watertight seal, ensuring that your gatherings remain uninterrupted, rain or shine. But we didn’t stop there. We know that every homeowner’s needs are distinct, which is why we offer complete customization. Whether it’s integrating lights for those cozy evening gatherings, installing fans to beat the summer heat, or adding screens for added privacy, we’ve got you covered. With our large team of experts, we ensure the construction process is as seamless as the operation of our pergolas.

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