Motorized Louvered Pergolas in Fort Myers

Custom built aluminum pergolas that open & close to provide you the perfect outdoor space.

Built for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Are you looking for a high-quality motorized louvered pergola in Fort Myers, FL? If you’re looking for an extension of your indoor space or a cover from the sun, Zinga’s Pergolas  are exactly what you are looking for. We offer pergolas to cover outdoor grills, eating areas, patios, pools, and more!

We offer both residential and commercial motorized pergolas and with features and design that are not replicated by other manufacturers.

We look forward to earning your business by providing a free in-home consultation to build out the backyard of your dreams. 

First, let’s explore the many motorized pergola and motorized screen options that we offer for residential and commercial use in Fort Myers. 

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Motorized Louvered Pergola Work in Fort Myers

The Weather on Your Terms

Motorized louvers create a water tight roof so you can enjoy your space rain or shine.

Stress Free Process

No Pressure In-Home Consultation

We meet with you in your backyard to determine your specific needs and how to utilize your space the best.

Free digital REndering

Shortly after your consultation we provide a digital rendering so you can see exactly what your pergola will look like in your space!

Custom Fabricated

Pergola's are typically custom created for you in as little as 4-5 weeks!


Our team installs your pergola in 1-3 days! Leaving you with the perfect space in your backyard.

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Custom Fabricated For Your Space

You give us the space and we will design the perfect pergola for you.  

Endless Options

  • Integrated Lighting 
  • Fan Mounts for Warm Days
  • Heating for Cold Nights

Define Your Look

Not every house looks alike, which is why we have designed a number of customizable architectural elements—like corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases—that allow you to create a pergola that will integrate seamlessly with the look of your home.

Custom Colors

Choose both your post and louver colors to match your outdoor decor.


Choose look of posts, corners corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases

Integrated Lighting

LED Lighting built seamlessly into the design.

Fan Ready

Mount your own fan to keep cool on hot summer days

Information about Fort Myers

Fort Myers, a city basked in the perpetual glow of the Floridian sun, stretches itself along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River with a grace that speaks to its storied history and vibrant present. Known for its enthralling historical estates and the palm-lined avenues, this city is a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. As a gateway to the Southwest Florida region, Fort Myers doesn’t only pride itself on its beaches and historical treasures but also on its innovative approach to contemporary living and dining experiences, especially through the utilization of motorized pergolas.

The climate in Fort Myers is characterized by long, warm summers and mild winters, a feature that significantly influences the architectural decisions of homes and restaurants. Outdoor living is not just a perk but a year-round indulgence here. This is where motorized pergolas come into play, serving as a modern solution to the sunny predicaments of the region. These adjustable structures are ingeniously designed to provide shelter from the scorching sun while also allowing for an open-air experience when the weather is pleasant.

In residential settings, motorized pergolas have become a popular addition to homes. They extend living spaces into the outdoors, creating versatile environments that can be altered with the touch of a button. These pergolas are often equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the louvers based on the weather conditions—closing to provide shade during the peak sun hours or shelter during unexpected rain, and opening up during cooler periods to let in light and a gentle breeze. With customization at the forefront, homeowners can choose materials and designs that complement their homes’ aesthetics, making each pergola a personal oasis.

The convenience and flexibility of motorized pergolas are not lost on the bustling restaurant scene of Fort Myers. Eateries along First Street and the historic River District have embraced these structures to enhance their outdoor dining areas. They provide patrons with a comfortable dining experience irrespective of the whims of the weather. Restaurants can now offer al fresco dining throughout the year, increasing their seating capacity and adding to the ambience without the worry of inclement weather turning away customers or ruining a perfect dining experience.

Motorized pergolas in commercial settings are often more robust, equipped with integrated lighting and heating systems, which allow for an extended evening service and add a cozy touch during the cooler winter months. The motorized louvers can be adjusted for optimal sun exposure, creating a dynamic dining atmosphere that evolves from the bright and airy lunches to the romantically starlit dinners.

Moreover, sustainability is a key factor in the design of these pergolas. Many are constructed with eco-friendly materials and are designed to reduce the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting, aligning with Fort Myers’ increasing focus on environmental consciousness.

The city’s architecture is seeing a new era with these smart structures, where the traditional charm of Fort Myers homes and the community-driven spirit of its restaurants are being redefined. Motorized pergolas represent more than just a trend; they embody a lifestyle choice that resonates with the desire for comfort, convenience, and a connection with the outdoors. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch under the open sky or a serene evening in a backyard, these pergolas are shaping the way Fort Myers lives, eats, and entertains.

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