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Custom built aluminum pergolas that open & close to provide you the perfect outdoor space.

Built for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Are you looking for a high-quality motorized louvered pergola in Tampa, FL? If you’re looking for an extension of your indoor space or a cover from the sun, Zinga’s Pergolas  are exactly what you are looking for. We offer pergolas to cover outdoor grills, eating areas, patios, pools, and more!

We offer both residential and commercial motorized pergolas and with features and design that are not replicated by other manufacturers.

We look forward to earning your business by providing a free in-home consultation to build out the backyard of your dreams. 

First, let’s explore the many motorized pergola and motorized screen options that we offer for residential and commercial use in Tampa. 

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Motorized Louvered Pergola Work in Tampa

The Weather on Your Terms

Motorized louvers create a water tight roof so you can enjoy your space rain or shine.

Stress Free Process

No Pressure In-Home Consultation

We meet with you in your backyard to determine your specific needs and how to utilize your space the best.

Free digital REndering

Shortly after your consultation we provide a digital rendering so you can see exactly what your pergola will look like in your space!

Custom Fabricated

Pergola's are typically custom created for you in as little as 4-5 weeks!


Our team installs your pergola in 1-3 days! Leaving you with the perfect space in your backyard.

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Custom Fabricated For Your Space

You give us the space and we will design the perfect pergola for you.  

Endless Options

  • Integrated Lighting 
  • Fan Mounts for Warm Days
  • Heating for Cold Nights

Define Your Look

Not every house looks alike, which is why we have designed a number of customizable architectural elements—like corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases—that allow you to create a pergola that will integrate seamlessly with the look of your home.

Custom Colors

Choose both your post and louver colors to match your outdoor decor.


Choose look of posts, corners corbel ends, cornices, column wraps, caps and bases

Integrated Lighting

LED Lighting built seamlessly into the design.

Fan Ready

Mount your own fan to keep cool on hot summer days

Information about Tampa

Tampa, Florida, a bustling city known for its beautiful waterfront, historical significance, and cultural diversity, is a place where outdoor living is not just a feature but a centerpiece of its lifestyle. With its humid subtropical climate, Tampa experiences long, hot summers and mild, but occasionally cool, winters. This climate encourages the architectural integration of features that allow for year-round outdoor enjoyment, and motorized pergolas have become a popular solution for both residential homes and restaurants.

In residential areas such as Hyde Park, Tampa Heights, and Davis Islands, homeowners have embraced the use of motorized pergolas. These sophisticated structures enhance outdoor living spaces, providing residents with the flexibility to enjoy the sun and shade at their convenience. Motorized pergolas are designed with horizontal louvers that adjust by remote control, allowing homeowners to tilt them to the perfect angle to manage sunlight exposure or to close them entirely for protection against rain.

The adaptability of motorized pergolas makes them particularly appealing in Tampa, where afternoon thunderstorms are frequent. With built-in rain sensors, these pergolas can automatically close upon detecting moisture, securing outdoor spaces from sudden weather changes. This feature is a boon for those who love entertaining outdoors, ensuring that social gatherings can continue without interruption despite unpredictable weather.

For homes in Tampa, the customization of motorized pergolas extends beyond their functional benefits. They can be designed to match the architectural style of the home, from Mediterranean to contemporary, with materials that withstand the humid climate and salty air. Add-ons like retractable screens, infrared heaters, and smart lighting systems transform patios and backyards into comfortable, multipurpose spaces for relaxation, dining, and entertainment.

In the commercial realm, Tampa’s restaurants and cafes, particularly in bustling areas like Ybor City and along the Riverwalk, have capitalized on the allure of outdoor dining by installing motorized pergolas. These structures extend the usable space of dining establishments, offering additional seating that adapts quickly to changes in weather. Restaurants can adjust the pergolas to provide guests with a shaded refuge from the Florida heat, or an open-air experience to enjoy the balmy evenings.

For Tampa’s hospitality industry, the versatility of motorized pergolas has been instrumental in creating dynamic spaces that cater to the diverse preferences of patrons. The automated control allows for quick adjustments to ensure customer comfort, enhancing the dining experience. Some restaurants even integrate their pergolas with climate-control systems, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Motorized pergolas also contribute to Tampa’s green initiatives. By leveraging natural ventilation and shading, they can reduce the reliance on air conditioning, thereby minimizing energy consumption. This is particularly significant in an era where sustainability is increasingly important to both homeowners and business owners.

Furthermore, in the context of health and safety concerns that encourage outdoor activities, motorized pergolas have offered a viable solution for maintaining social distancing protocols without sacrificing ambiance. This has been a critical factor for restaurants that have needed to adapt their seating arrangements to meet safety guidelines.

The use of motorized pergolas in Tampa is reflective of a broader trend in architecture and design that seeks to harmonize indoor comfort with outdoor beauty. They underscore the city’s commitment to fostering environments that celebrate its subtropical climate while responding to the need for flexible and practical living spaces.

In conclusion, motorized pergolas represent a significant aspect of Tampa’s approach to residential and commercial design. They provide a blend of functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, reinforcing the city’s reputation as a place where the enjoyment of the outdoors is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of everyday life. As Tampa continues to grow and evolve, these dynamic structures stand as a testament to the city’s innovative spirit and its residents’ appreciation for the natural environment.


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